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Tuesday, November 24

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! On Tuesday, we did some preparation for the upcoming week:

  1. As a reminder, you will have an exam over out Hot Zone unit on Monday. Please make sure you have read the Time Magazine article as preparation. Time 2014 Person of the Year – The Ebola Fighters
  2. Monday is the last day to turn in field trip forms! Field Trip Letter – CCC and Asia Society Here is the form in case you misplaced yours.
  3. Homework for Monday night will be to begin reading The Joy Luck Club. We broke into small reading circles and students choose their selections and made a reading schedule. If you were absent, we made sure to incorporate you into a group. Here are those documents: The Joy Luck Club Reading Overview

Also, here is an extra credit opportunity: Contagion Viewing Guide

I’ll look forward to hearing your Thanksgiving stories when we get back! 🙂

Monday, November 23

Students took their Hot Zone Vocabulary 3 quiz in class today. Homework is HZ Reading Guide 8: The Hot Zone Reading Guide 8

I also gave students the article that their Hot Zone Unit exam will use, on Monday, November 30: Time 2014 Person of the Year – The Ebola Fighters. Students need to read and annotate this article over the break and bring it to use it on the test on Monday.

As a reminder, if you did not turn in your field trip forms today, please bring them tomorrow!

Thursday, November 19

We began today’s class by reviewing the Hot Zone List 3 vocabulary words. You will have a quiz over those on Monday – I highly recommend that you take the practice quiz.

Tomorrow in class, students will write an expository essay for a major grade. Here is the prompt: Altruism Essay Prompt. And here is the rubric: Altruism Essay Rubric. You may start thinking about what you would like to write about, but the actual composition must happen in class tomorrow.

For classwork, I gave students time to begin reading the essay “Wild Flavor” and work on the reading guide: Wild Flavor – Abridged Wild Flavor Reading Guide. This will be due on Monday, and there will be no additional homework over the weekend.

Homework for tonight is Reading Guide 7: The Hot Zone Reading Guide 7

Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13

On Thursday, students began working on a reading guide for the Edgar Allen Poe short story, “The Masque of the Red Death.” The Masque of the Red Death

On Friday, we talked about the short story (students will turn in the reading guide on Monday). We also discussed prepositions and your parts of speech test on Monday. Here is the study guide for that: Grammar Test Study Guide You will also have some vocabulary words from this semester on that exam!

Finally, students completed an analysis of some Ebola-related political cartoons. Ebola Political Cartoons

Wednesday, November 11

We discussed the Hot Zone reading guide 2 in class today, as well as the article and multiple choice questions that we started yesterday. Homework for tonight is the Hot Zone reading guide 3. The Hot Zone Reading Guide 3 We also went over conjunctions in preparation for the parts of speech test on Monday – see the board for copies of those notes.

I will be at a training tomorrow (Thursday, November 11). Please turn in your homework as usual to the substitute. During class, you will be reading the Edgar Allen Poe short story, “The Masque of the Red Death.” You will turn in that reading guide on Monday.