Vocabulary study is an integral part of all English classes at Bellaire High School. In Pre-AP English 1, we will study 30 words per week, taken from the literature that we are reading in class. As we talk about these words in class, please be actively participating in the discussion and taking notes in your book; the more you engage, the better you will understand and retain the words. With the exception of holidays, our grammar and vocabulary quizzes will fall on Mondays.

Vocabulary Book:

Here is the electronic file of our vocabulary book:

Pre-AP ELA 1 Vocabulary Book

If you lose your book, you will need to print or purchase a new one.


Students are required to sign up for a Vocabulary.com account and join their class. Click the link below for your class. You must use your real first and last name when creating an account so that I can see your progress.

If you change classes in the middle of the year, sign up for the new class in which you are enrolled.

You can also earn up to 10 points of extra credit on your fiction summer reading assignment (the Hero’s Journey project) by completing the list for your fiction book. You will need to join the appropriate class and practice those words.



Some good suggestions on how to study…


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