The Count of Monte Cristo


The Count of Monte Cristo is a swashbuckling tale of romance, lust, betrayal, conspiracy, and revenge. The plot has prisons, pirates, treasure, and secret identities. It’s usually one of students’ favorite books in 9th grade! Here are some resources for our study of this great adventure novel.



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A Tour of Paris…


This is the Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon.


The tomb of Napoleon inside of Les Invalides.

A Tour of Versailles…



Crash Course: French Revolution

The Château d’If…

Over the summer of 2016, I got to visit the real-life Château d’If off of the coast of Marseilles in the south of France.


It’s a tiny island that you can see from the shore.


Notice the height of the walls, and keep this in mind as we read Dantes’s famous escape scene.




A view from inside the walls. The window is narrow to allow a view without exposing the fortress to attack.


This is the tunnel that represents the one that Abbe Faria dug into Dantes’s cell (it’s not real, of course).


This is the cell of the (real) infamous Man in the Iron Mask, who inspired another great Dumas novel.


And finally, here is the ferry that took me back and forth to the island – aptly named!


Revenge Stories

The Count of Monte Cristo established the revenge story genre.


The Count of Monte Cristo in Film