Thursday, March 8

After we discussed the latest section of The Hot Zone, students had a choice to 1) work on the podcast homework, 2) begin the next reading guide, which will be due the Tuesday after we return from Spring Break (The Hot Zone Reading Guide 4), or 3) experiment with Plague, Inc. to see in action the dynamics that we talked about in Ebola’s mutation in the game.


Wednesday, March 7

Today in class, we are talking about the difference in the pronouns “who” and “whom” (Who vs Whom). Afterwards, students need to write 10 sentences using Hot Zone vocabulary words and submit it through

Choose 10 words from our Hot Zone vocabulary lists (you can choose from both 1 and 2) that you like. Write five sentences correctly using the pronoun “who” and five sentences correctly using the pronoun “whom.” Underline your vocabulary word in the sentence; highlight the word “who” or “whom.”

Finally, some of you wanted to get a head start on your homework for tomorrow; it’s this podcast (Radiolab Patient Zero Podcast Questions), and here is the link to listen to it. This will be due on Friday.

Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23

On these days, we acted out some sections for the play version of Dracula. Thank you so much to both our actors and audience — I had a blast, and I hope that you did too.

Please remember to complete your last Dracula reading guides — 26 and 27. On Tuesday, we will be starting The Hot Zone. And on Monday, of course, we will have a Dracula-themed critical reading multiple choice exam. As I said in class, it will involve STAAR- and AP-style questions over poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. This is an assessment of skills, not content, so I don’t recommend spending a lot of time trying to study.