Friday, October 20

We started today by going over the Joy Luck Club Vocabulary List 1 – you’ll have a quiz over only those words (not review ones from the Odyssey lists) on Monday. Remember that you can use and your practice quiz inside of the blue vocabulary book to help you study!

Your sole homework for this weekend is Khan Academy. If you haven’t been keeping up with it as your nightly homework this week, I imagine that you’ll have quite a bit of catching up to do. Please make sure that you are really watching the videos – they do an excellent job of reviewing some important grammatical concepts.


Thursday, October 19

We began today with a discussion of the rhetoric used in “The Rape of Nanking.” The information in this text will help us to make sense of some of the plot developments in The Joy Luck Club.

We had about half an hour left in which students worked on Khan Academy. Your homework for tonight is to continue chipping away at the videos and exercises. Please make sure that you are not putting those off!

Wednesday, October 18

I know I emphasized this in class today, but just to be absolutely clear – your Khan Academy exercises are NOT due tomorrow.  (Although you should be chipping away at them. I would recommend trying to do 5 to 10 tonight.)

Happy Wednesday!

You had almost the entire day for knocking out some assignments. I asked you to make sure that you had finished the rhetorical analysis of The Rape of Nanking for tomorrow, and I also gave you some time to watch the videos and complete the exercises for nouns, verbs, and modifiers on Khan Academy.

Your Khan Academy work needs to be complete by Monday – you will receive a quiz grade for that. I have asked you to make sure that you are doing some of that everyday so that it doesn’t pile up on Sunday night (and the system allows me to see exactly what you have done at what time every day, so I’ll know if you put it off until the last minute!).

To reiterate: homework tonight is to finish your reading guide and complete some Khan Academy.

Tuesday, October 17

Today we talked about Aristotle’s system of rhetoric. Here’s a short video that explains some of it:

I gave you an excerpt from a chapter of a book on the Japanese invasion of China in World War II to read as background for the Joy Luck Club and practice in rhetorical analysis: The Rape of Nanking Reading. That reading guide will be due Thursday (not tomorrow).

We also spent some time setting up Khan Academy accounts. For homework tonight, I would like for you to try doing the nouns activities. If you run into technical issues or can’t get to all of it, that’s okay – let me know tomorrow. This is a new system for us, and we’re working through some of the set-up and glitches.

Friday, October 13

A few very important reminders:

  • Make certain that you will have a copy of The Joy Luck Club by next Friday. I gave you the option of finding your own copy, purchasing one for $12, or checking one out from Bellaire.
  • We’ll also have a grammar review quiz on Monday.

With our time today, students worked in their groups on their thematic essays about the Odyssey. You will have time after your quiz on Monday to finish these, and they will be due on Tuesday.

Important – The Joy Luck Club Books

As we have discussed in class, we are starting The Joy Luck Club next week. I gave you three options for getting the book: 1) finding it yourself, if you would like to see if you can get a used copy from Half Price Books or if you already have it, 2) ordering a copy of your own to keep for $12 from Bellaire, or 3) checking a copy out from Bellaire.

If you decided to find the book yourself, here is the Amazon link to it.

If you’re ordering it from a local bookseller, the title is The Joy Luck Club. The author is Amy Tan, and the ISBN is 0143038095.

Please make sure that you have your book by Friday, October 20.

If you ordered a book from the school, please bring your $12 to school on Monday or Tuesday.

If you’re checking out a book from the school, I’ll help you with that next week.

Thursday, October 12

Today we talked about the ending of the Odyssey, and then I announced our last Odyssey-related task: a group essay over a theme. Here are those instructions and topics: The Odyssey – Group Essay on Theme.

Homework for tonight is to work on this. I also told you that you’ll have all of tomorrow and the time after your quiz on Monday. This assignment will be due on Tuesday.

Remember that we’re having a showing of O Brother, Where Art Thou? tomorrow!

Results from Quiz

Here are the results from today’s quiz – good show! I’m really proud of you and impressed. Quite a few of you who have struggled on the last two really brought up your scores, and it seems like those of you who studied saw that reflected in your grades.


The average score across all classes was a round 90.0. And 17 people had perfect scores! 🙂