Tuesday, December 12

Hi students –

I’m feeling a bit under-the-weather from a cold, and I won’t be in tomorrow. Please behave impeccably for your substitute.

During your class period on Tuesday, the first thing I would like for you to do is to take your Vocabulary.com “quiz” over CMC List 3. You may use your blue vocabulary book but nothing else (no cell phones for this tomorrow). You must work silently and independently.

When you are finished with that, please work on your CMC Reading Guide 6, which will be due on Wednesday – I hope and expect to be back with you then, and we’ll talk about what you have read at that point.


Friday, December 8

On Thursday, your substitute gave you the CMC Reading Guide 5 (CMC Reading Guide 5), which will be due on Monday. Also on Monday – you will have a quiz over the second CMC vocabulary list and appositives (with some parts of speech review questions).

In class on Friday, we read/listened to one of Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous short stories, “The Cask of Amontillado.” If you missed it, please come in this upcoming Friday to make it up.

Wednesday, December 6

We did quite a lot in class today – we finished our Count of Monte Cristo Vocabulary List 2, learned about appositives (see the materials under the grammar tab of the website), and read an article about the psychology of revenge (please come pick up a paper copy).

Remember that CMC Reading Guide 4 is due at the END of class tomorrow – we will have a substitute, so you will be able to use the period to work on it.

Thursday, November 30

After our discussion of the first chapters of the Count of Monte Cristo, students had the remaining time in class to complete their second reading guide (since we had to have such a fast turnaround time). Please be ready to discuss questions you have from the parts of speech study guide on Friday!

Wednesday, November 29

A big THANK YOU to you, students, for representing Bellaire so well on our field trip today! I think our tour guides and teachers at the Chinese Community Center were really impressed with your curiosity and maturity. It looked as though you had a lot of fun – and learned something too!

Tomorrow in class, we will go over CMC Reading Guide 1, and then you will have the remainder of the period to finish Reading Guide 2, since we have to turn it in on Friday to stay on schedule.