Friday, December 7

Today we continued to talk about CMC and students finished their vocabulary review projects. The next reading guide is due on Tuesday (CMC Reading Guide 6).

Please remember that on Monday you will write your final exam essay (Journey Essay Prompt). You may have your prompt page with notes, but not a rough draft.

Also, because of the bad weather, I am allowing everyone to watch the extra credit movie over the weekend (The Man in the Iron Mask Viewing Guide – 2017). This is due on Monday, and must be totally your own work. I think that you can see the movie for free on Amazon Prime, but if you don’t have that, it should just be $2 or $3 to stream.

Monday, December 3

We spent all of today on our grammar and vocabulary quiz. Please consider how you did on this when making a plan for what and how much you need to study for your final exam. If you were baffled by some of the grammar questions, you might want to brush up!

Please remember that RG 4 for The Count of Monte Cristo is due tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 27

Today we had a lesson on prepositions (please see the grammar section of the website). You practiced writing sentences using prepositions in a number of different ways, and then you did a short activity on NoRedInk. I also gave you CMC Reading Guide 3 (CMC Reading Guide 3), which will be due on Friday. Please remember that #2 is due tomorrow. If you are at all confused or having trouble following the plot, please don’t give up — we’ll talk about everything tomorrow.