Tuesday, September 17

Good morning on this rainy Tuesday! Today in class, we will:

  1. Discuss and turn in Book 12.
  2. Join Google Classroom and submit your hero Wakelets.
    1. The code for Period 1 is konqpf
    2. The code for Period 2 is ntm1l10
    3. The code for Period 4 is 5a8b3b
    4. The code for Period 6 is qx1hb7k
    5. The code for Period 7 is zt8osg
  3. Watch this video about how the myths in the Odyssey might be based on real science.
  4. Practice reading some poems (from Circe’s perspective) out loud.
  5. Begin reading the graphic novel for Books 13, 14, 15, and 16. — You will need to turn this in to me by Friday.
  6. And we will have another extra credit movie — O Brother, Where Art Thou? — on Friday. It’s a retelling of the Odyssey, and the extra credit will be applied to your next grammar and vocab quiz.

Tomorrow you will be with Ms. Newton again, and you’ll be working in Google Classroom to answer some questions based on the Hero’s Journey about your hero.

Monday, September 16

Today in class we took our first quiz (over Odyssey Vocabulary List 1 and nouns). After students turned in their materials, they had a chance to get started on tonight’s homework — reading Book 12 (8 – Book 12) and answering these questions (Book 12 Reading Guide). Those will be due tomorrow.

Also, please remember that by tomorrow, you should be finished with your hero Wakelet. Make sure to bring your laptop with you tomorrow, and I’ll show you how to join Google Classroom and submit it.

Friday, September 13

Happy Friday! I hope that everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead of them.

Today we will:

  1. talk about Book 11 of the Odyssey (Odysseus’s descent to the underworld).
  2. talk about nouns, which will be on your quiz on Monday (nouns pdf).

Please remember that you have a vocabulary and grammar quiz on Monday and that your hero Wakelet is due on Tuesday.

Thursday, September 12

Today we will:

  1. talk about and turn in Book 10 of the Odyssey
  2. talk about vocabulary words — you will have a quiz over these (and nouns, which we’ll cover tomorrow) on Monday
  3. begin reading Book 11 (7 – Book 11) and answering these questions (Book 11 Reading Guide) — what we don’t finish is due for homework tomorrow.



  1. Extra credit movie tomorrow (Friday) afternoon! It’s the second half of the Odyssey, and it should be done by 5:45.
  2. Your hero Wakelet is due on Tuesday — I’ll talk with you about how to turn that it next week.
  3. You will have a vocabulary and grammar quiz on Monday — plan to study for it Sunday evening!

Wednesday, September 11

Today in class, you will be working with Ms. Newton to begin building a Wakelet for your hero. Your Wakelet will count as a double grade, and you will be using it to create another piece of your project that will be worth a triple grade.

  1. Go to Wakelet. Sign in with your school Google account, and create a new “collection.”
  2. Choose a background and header image for your collection that reflect who your hero was or what he/she accomplished.
  3. Begin finding resources online about your hero and putting them in your collection. Some places that I would recommend looking at include:
    1. The New York Times (the school has a subscription, so as long as you’re connected to HISD WiFi, you should be able to see all their articles for free).
    2. The Guardian (a British newspaper)
    3. The Washington Post
    4. Slate
    5. The Atlantic
    6. PBS
    7. Google News
    8. the Smithsonian
    9. the National Archives

You need to have lots of different sources — don’t just collect a bunch of articles from the same place.

You can also do a Google search to see what sources might be unique to your hero, but…

4. Look at this handout on evaluating sources (Evaluating_sources) to make sure that the items that you find are credible.

5. Read each of your sources, and in the text box of the tile of the item on your Wakelet, annotate by 1) summarizing the source and 2) explaining how you might use it (what questions does it make you think of? what are the most important points that you took away?).

This needs to be finished by next Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 10

Today in class we will:

  1. Begin reading Book 10 (6 – Book 10) and answering the reading guide (Book 10 Reading Guide), which will be due on Thursday.
  2. Read this short story (Blindness Story — Annotated) and answer some questions.
  3. Make a final choice of your hero for your year-long project.

Tomorrow I will be out with my baby, and you will have a very experienced substitute, Ms. Newton (she used to teach Pre-AP English 1 at Bellaire and is now working on a graduate degree in writing). Tomorrow you will be creating a Wakelet for your hero (you can see an example here). Please make sure to bring your computer. When you get to class tomorrow, check this website for more specific instructions.

Also! We will have another after school movie on Friday — it will be over the second half of the Odyssey, and it will be for extra credit.

Thursday, September 5

Today in class we will:

  1. go take pictures in the SCC!
  2. work on finishing reading Books 6, 7, and 8 in the graphic novel.
  3. listen to this podcast (it’s 20 minutes long) and answer these questions (The Odyssey and Color Podcast) — whatever you don’t finish is due for homework tomorrow.

Important Announcements/Reminders:

  1. Please make sure that your parents have filled this form out.
  2. Please make your selections for your hero research project here by Friday.
  3. Movie day is back on! This Friday, come to my room after 7th period to watch the first half of the film version of the Odyssey for 5 points of extra credit on your summer reading essay. (I have triple-checked, and the film works on the SmartBoard this time!) We should be finished by 5:45.
  4. Your summer reading essay is due to me in printed form on Monday. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can print in the library.