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Wednesday, January 16

If you haven’t yet turned in your Count of Monte Cristo book, please bring it tomorrow!

Today we talked about gerunds — please see the grammar section of the website. Students also did pre-writing for their essays over forgiveness, which we will write tomorrow in class. No homework other than to be ready to write your essay!

Tuesday, January 15

We started today with a few important announcements:

  1. Next week, we will begin reading The Hot Zone. I recommend trying to find your own copy of the book that you can write in. There should be quite a few available at Half Price Books, or you can order one from the school for $8.50 (please try to bring exact change).
  2. We will have an extra credit movie this week — Selma, the story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march from Selma. Because of the early release day, we’ll show it on Thursday after school. If you can’t make it, you are allowed to watch it at home with a parent signature. This extra credit will apply to your quiz over grammar on Tuesday.

During class today, we discussed the ending of The Count of Monte Cristo and had a lesson on appositives (under the grammar section of the website).

Thursday, January 10

We began today with a lesson over prepositional phrases — materials are available under the grammar tab. Monday’s quiz will be over this lesson and the vocabulary words from The Black Count.

We spent the second half of today preparing for an essay on revenge (revenge essay prompt). Students will compose that tomorrow in class after we go over the CMC RG 9.

Tuesday, January 8

We had a lengthy discussion today about The Count of Monte Cristo, as the Count’s plots for revenge are finally coming to fruition! You used the remainder of class time to begin looking at an excerpt from The Black Count to see how Dumas’s father might have inspired the plot of the book.

The penultimate reading guide (cmc reading guide 9) will be due on Friday of this week.

Finally, we will have an extra credit movie this week — “Belle” — which should conclude at 5:45 PM.