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Hot Zone Books

We will be starting The Hot Zone on the week of February 26. You have a few options for getting a book; you can check on out from the school, you can buy one yourself (here is the Amazon link), or you can bring $6 to school by Wednesday and I’ll order one for you.


Friday, February 16

A bit of an update — we have been asked to wait just a little bit to give you the practice STAAR exam. So instead, on Monday, you will have a quiz over Hot Zone Vocabulary List 1 (and only those words — no review words, grammar multiple choice, or sentences).

All of the Hot Zone vocabulary lists have been loaded into, so you can practice to help you study.

Please make sure that you read Dracula Chapter 22 and complete the reading guide for homework.

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of love, we read a sonnet today: Ozymandius. Please keep your copy, as we will need it for another activity next week.

Homework is Chapter 20 of Dracula.

I also told you that this upcoming Monday, we will be taking a mini-STAAR exam instead of your usual quiz. This will be a for a grade!

Monday, February 12

Happy Monday! We took our vocabulary quiz and wrote our grammar sentences in class today. Chapter 18 of Dracula and its reading guide are for homework.

Speaking of reading guides, I have entered your grades through #10. As a reminder, if you are looking to improve your scores, you need to be incorporating text evidence and thoughtful detail into your responses.

Thursday, February 8

Today we took a multiple choice practice over the John Keats poem “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.” Please come get a paper copy of that from my room. You need to poem to answer the question for Reading Guide 16.

With the rest of class, we went over Dracula Vocabulary List 4 — please be ready for your quiz on Monday!

Wednesday, February 7

Hi Students:

I’m out sick today. For your lesson, please read the essay “Cursed by a Bite” and compose a one-page summary of the article’s arguments and evidence — turn this in to at the end of the class period (whatever you finish must be turned in by the end of class — if you’re not done, still turn it in).

Homework for tonight is the next chapter of Dracula and the reading guide.