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Surprise Baby!


I’m sorry that I couldn’t be with you all for the second half of the week, but I think that Ms. Newton shared my news with you — Suzanne Violet Chapman-Sun decided to come join us a little early! She is happy and healthy and we just now got her home. I know that some of you might have questions about end-of-year grades and final exams, and I’ll try to get to those just as soon as I can — I’m going to spend the weekend getting the house set up for the baby, but I hope to be able to deal with some school stuff early next week.

Monday, May 6

Today in class, students took their quiz over Glass Castle List 3 and dependent clauses.

I talked with you today about how I might be out earlier that I anticipated to have my baby. Please bring the two packets that I gave you today — on sentence types and Romeo and Juliet — with you to class everyday in the event that you unexpectedly have a substitute. You will be able to answer the questions over Romeo and Juliet using an electronic version of the text.

No after-school movie on Friday.

Hi students —

I’m sorry to do this, but I’m going to have to cancel our after school movie for tomorrow. I’ve had some pregnancy complications and was at the hospital today, and I’ll be going back for some more monitoring tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be at school tomorrow morning to try to get things in order in the event that I need to be out for a more extended amount of time, so if you have an urgent situation, you can stop by.