Monday, February 5

Monday was our usual grammar and vocab quiz! Homework was Chapter 13.


Friday, February 2

We spent almost all of today working on sentence composing. Here will be the sentences you will have to produce as part of your quiz on Monday (Sentences Feb 5).

Over the weekend, please read Chapter 12 of Dracula and complete the reading guide.

Thursday, February 1

Hello from my teacher training on critical reading strategies!

What I have asked you to do today with your substitute is the following:

  1. Khan Academy for subjects, predicates, subject complements, and objects
  2. for List 3
  3. Dracula Chapter 11 Reading Guide

Friday, January 26

Happy Friday! We began today with a piece of literary criticism and some multiple choice (The Zoophagous Maniac). Next, we listened to the “captain’s log” portion of Chapter 7. For homework, please finish reading that and complete the reading guide (and of course, turn it in through

Don’t forget to study for your quiz on Monday! There will be vocabulary, grammar review, subjects and predicates, and sentence composing with gerunds.

Wednesday, January 24

On Wednesday, we had a lesson over subjects and predicated — those notes are under the “Grammar” tab. We finally took a break from Jonathan Harker in Dracula and instead got to hear from his fiance, Mina, and her best friend, Lucy, in Chapter 5. Homework was to finish and submit the reading guide.