Monthly Archives: December 2015

Monday, December 7

Students wrote their final exam essays in class today. If you were absent, please come make this up during lunch on Friday.

No homework for tonight! šŸ™‚ Please take advantage of the time to be studying for your final.

Additionally, I am still not feeling well and there is a possibility that you might have a substitute teacher tomorrow. If that is the case, I want you to work with your JLC groups on your poster product – you should already have the guidelines. Complete a rough draft on a sheet on notebook paper so that you are ready to go on Thursday when I give you the paper.

Some important information about the field trip – if you are going with us, we will be leaving at 8:30 on Wednesday. Please ask your 1st period teacher to allow you to leave at 8:20 and meet in front of the MPR. We should be departing from the Rice side of campus. Remember that you do not need to bring lunch – we’ll be eating at Ocean Palace (vegetarian options included). All of my students will be on Bus #2. If I am not there tomorrow, will you please make sure that your friends have heard this information?

Friday, December 4

Students had their last Joy Luck Club discussion in class today. Homework (which you had a significant amount of time in class to begin) was to read and annotate the supplementary nonfiction piece that your group selected – either “The Price of Nice Nails from theĀ NYT or a chapter from the book The Rape of Nanking.

The biggest thing that you need to remember is that you have your final exam essay on Monday!

Thursday, December 3

We continued working on ourĀ Joy Luck Club discussion groups in class today; please make sure that you’re done with your last reading guide for Friday’s class.

VERY IMPORTANT: On Monday, December 7, you will write the essay portion of your final exam in class. Here is the prompt:Ā 2014 English 1A Fall Final Exam Essay. You may do pre-writing over the weekend if you wish, but you may not write the essay (or an “outline” that is basically an essay) at home. My recommendation is that you prepare by knowing what your thesis and your examples will be.