Tuesday, November 24

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! On Tuesday, we did some preparation for the upcoming week:

  1. As a reminder, you will have an exam over out Hot Zone unit on Monday. Please make sure you have read the Time Magazine article as preparation. Time 2014 Person of the Year – The Ebola Fighters
  2. Monday is the last day to turn in field trip forms! Field Trip Letter – CCC and Asia Society Here is the form in case you misplaced yours.
  3. Homework for Monday night will be to begin reading The Joy Luck Club. We broke into small reading circles and students choose their selections and made a reading schedule. If you were absent, we made sure to incorporate you into a group. Here are those documents: The Joy Luck Club Reading Overview

Also, here is an extra credit opportunity: Contagion Viewing Guide

I’ll look forward to hearing your Thanksgiving stories when we get back! 🙂