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Thursday, May 17

Today we talked about your final exam. On Monday, you will write your final exam essay, which will count of 50% of that grade. Here is the prompt (Essay Prompt). You may plan and prewrite (including outlining), but you may not write a rough draft. You essay must be completely composed during class on Monday.

I also gave you these sonnets to read and analyze as practice for your final (Shakespearean Sonnet Analysis).

Finally, students read the rest of Act 2 and answered some questions in response. Tomorrow, as I mentioned, I will be out for a doctor’s appointment, so I would like for you to read Act 3 and answer the questions I have left for you.

Movie Update

Hi students —

Unfortunately, I need to move our extra-credit showing of Shakespeare in Love from Friday to Monday — I have a doctor’s appointment that I need to attend on Friday. I apologize for the change!

You will still need to bring a parent permission slip if you are planning to attend.

Monday, May 14

Today I asked you to do three things:

  1. for Romeo and Juliet List 1
  2. Vocabulary sentences for Romeo and Juliet List 1 (no grammar component needed — I just need to be able to tell that you understand the meaning of the word from the context of the sentence) — submitted through
  3. An original sonnet (Compose Your Own Shakespearean Sonnet) submitted through (this will help you with the Shakespearean sonnet that will be on your final exam)