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Tuesday, November 19



Today we really got started on the Odyssey. We read Books 1 and 5 from the textbook and talked about Homer’s opening and the nymph Calypso. In case you were absent or would like to review, here are the presentations that we covered in class:

Book 1 Discussion

The Odyssey Book 5

Some things you definitely need to know:

  • Homer’s Invocation to the Muse
  • Homeric Epithets
  • in media res
  • Polytropic Odysseus
  • What the sons of Odysseus’ crew members did back on Ithaca after they grew up.

Homework for tonight is to listen to the podcast and answer questions! (See yesterday’s post for the electronic copy of the sheet and a link.)

Also, I told you if you had overdue library books or fines – please go see Mr. Casteel to take care of those (and bring me your sheet signed by him once you have done so).