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The Internet tells me that this is called a Polyphemos Moth. Apparently when it was being named, it was Call-a-New-Species-Exactly-What-It-Is-Not Week. Given that Polyphemos’ name is a bit ironic (“wordy,” for someone who doesn’t even know the word “nobody”), I guess it’s a double-joke? Or scientists just might not know what they are doing. This is why English class is more important that Biology, students. You don’t want to be responsible for giving a moth a stupid name.

Thursday, November 21

Today in class, we:

1. Talked about vocabulary. Vocabulary sentences are due on Monday. The list of words is on the vocabulary section, and here is the Commonly Confused Words page that you will need to write your sentences:

Pre-AP List 12 Sentence Exercises

Also, here is the who/whom video we watched in class:

2. We talked about some of the deeper meaning of Book 9 (the Cyclops episode) from the Odyssey. Here is the PowerPoint we used:

The Odyssey Book 9

3. We took a reading quiz over the short story “Blindness.” If you were absent, please come make it up ASAP during tutorials.

4. Your homework was to write using PIE paragraphs about Book 9 and “Blindness.” Here are those pages in case you lost yours.

PIE Paragraph 2

This is due at the start of class tomorrow. One thing I want to point out – you need TWO paragraphs to fully answer this question, one explaining how Odysseus describes Polyphemos, and the other explaining how Polyphemos describes Odysseus.