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Monday, November 18



Lots of stuff today!

1. First, I need you to bring your Malcolm Gladwell books tomorrow. We’re going to be coming up with a reading schedule (based on which book you have), and it will be helpful for you to be able to look up pages numbers.

2. The Vocabulary List 11 is up. Sentences for each word are due next Monday before you take the quiz. I’m going to ask you to demonstrate some grammar stuff with them, but we’ll discuss that more tomorrow.

3. We talked even more about PIE! Here is the PowerPoint that we did today in case you would like to review:

The PIE Method for Building Paragraphs

4. Here is the homework reading for tonight – Books 2 and 3 (an abridged version), which are about Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, and his dilemmas in Ithaca:

Books 2 and 3 Homework Reading

5. Your homework that is due on Wednesday is to listen to a podcast about the Odyssey and answer some questions. Here is the link to the podcast, and here are the questions, in case you lost your copy:

Podcast Homework