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Friday, November 22

Today in class we read about Odysseus’ encounter with the witch-goddess Circe (and also talked briefly about his time with the God of the Winds, Aeolus). We read the story from pages 1224-5 in the textbook, and then talked about some of the significant issues in this episode. Here is the PowerPoint with discussion points:

Book 10

Then we began writing about whether Circe was a hero or a villain by comparing Odysseus’ version of events with a poem called “Circe’s Power” by Louise Gluck. Here is that assignment:

PIE Paragraph 3

As a reminder, this is not due for homework; I will give you time in class after your vocabulary quiz on Monday to complete it.

Your homework for this weekend is to 1) read the first two chapters in your Malcolm Gladwell book, and 2) complete your vocabulary sentences (using also the Commonly Confused Words sheet – see earlier posts for an electronic version) to turn in on Monday before the quiz.

Three more reminders:

1. You have the opportunity to earn 10 points of extra credit on your quiz by watching the video on language and color that I posted a few days ago and writing a summary of it. You must turn in your summary with your quiz on Monday.

2. Tuesday is Pie Day! If you would like, you make bring a pie to share (I’ll provide plates and utensils) in celebration of both our study of PIE paragraphs and Thanksgiving.

3. I posted a video of the film version of the Odyssey under the “Odyssey” tab at the top of the website – if you feel like vegging but still doing something a little enriching this weekend, watch it! It’s pretty good.

I hope you all have a great weekend!