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Another Extra Credit Opportunity – The Odyssey Video Game


Hey students! I discovered last night that there is actually a videogame about the Odyssey. I haven’t been able to play it yet myself, but I wanted to tell you about it so that you can consider putting your R&R time over the holiday break to good use. I’ll even throw in 10 extra credit points on one of your PIE paragraphs for good measure. If you are interested in playing, here’s what you do:

1. ***Make sure your parents are okay with you playing the game. You will have to download some software (and I think it only works on PC’s), and I can’t tell you everything about the age-appropriateness of the content (it doesn’t look like a bad game, but it’s a conversation you should have with your parents).

2. Go to this link to download the software. You can apparently get a free trial for an hour or purchase the game for $2.99. Obviously make sure your parents are okay with you paying this amount if you go that route.

3. Play the game. Have fun with it!

4. Write me a PIE paragraph telling whether I should recommend this game to students next year. You point should be “You should/should not” recommend this game to students next year, Ms. Chapman.” You need two illustrations to support that point and two explanations. So just to be clear, the format for the paragraph should be P, I, E, I, E.

This┬á will be due on Wednesday, December 4. I hope it’s a good game! ­čÖé

Tuesday, November 26


So obviously the main event today was all of the PIE! It was a lot of fun, and I hope it was a great way to kick off your Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you guys for bringing such delicious pastries to share with your friends!

But it was also still a learning day! We read aloud from Book 11 of the Odyssey (as I mentioned in class, also called “the Nekyia” – pages 1226-9 in the textbook).┬áThen we discussed some of the more important issues in this section. Here is the PowerPoint in case you missed today’s class or want to tidy up your notes:

The Odyssey Book 11

Map of Hades

I also told you all that you need to be reading your Malcolm Gladwell book over the break. Next Tuesday (December 3 – a week from today) – you need to turn in a one-page summary of what you read. The instructions for how to do that are here (note that you need to follow the PIE format for how to write that exactly):

Malcolm Gladwell Reading Check

Also note that there is an extra credit opportunity for this assignment, worth 10 points. Here is the link to the 60 Minutes interview with Malcolm Gladwell on his latest book, David and Goliath. For those of you who are reading D&G, you can choose any other inteview with Malcolm Gladwell online.

Once more, I hope you all have a fantastic break! I’m headed off tomorrow to visit my grandmother in Arizona, and then possibly the Grand Canyon.