Monthly Archives: October 2019

Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween, and I hope that you had a good PSAT day yesterday!

Today in class:

  1. I’m taking up permission slips to see the extra credit movie (The Joy Luck Club) tomorrow after school.
  2. I took up $5 from students who wanted to order a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo.
  3. We went over the 11th story in JLC.
  4. We continued to talk about pronouns — here is that handout (Pronouns Packet).

Homework for tonight is the 12th story (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 12).

Tuesday, October 29

Today in class, we will:

  1. continue to talk about JLC
  2. assign your next chapter (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 11), which will be due on THURSDAY (not tomorrow, because of the PSAT)
  3. talk about your next hero project assignment (a timeline) in Google Classroom, due on Tuesday, November 5
  4. hand out permission slips to see the Joy Luck Club movie for extra credit this Friday afternoon (it will start at 4:00 and end at 6:00)
  5. talk about ordering our next book, The Count of Monte Cristo — you will need that by Monday, November 11, and you can bring $5 to order one from the school

Friday, October 25

Today I will be at a conference, so you will have a substitute. During class, please read the selection from “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” (The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and answer the questions (Rhetorical Analysis of The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother).┬áThis is due to the substitute at the end of class — you may not take it home.

After you are finished with your questions, please get started reading the next chapter of JLC and answering those questions (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 9) — that will be due on Monday.

Thursday, October 24

Today in class, we continued to talk about both The Joy Luck Club and pronouns. We didn’t finish covering pronouns, so your quiz on Monday will only be over JLC Vocab Lists 1 and 2 (every word from #2 will be on it, and there will be 10 review words from #1).

No homework for tonight!