Monthly Archives: March 2017

Friday, March 31

No homework for this weekend, but please remember to study for your vocabulary quiz! (There’s a list for you to use to practice.)

If you didn’t finish your reading guides for The Glass Castle, you’ll have some time on Monday. If you would like to work on them this weekend, here’s an electronic copy of the book (The_Glass_Castle_-_Jeannette_Walls).

Tuesday, March 21

Happy return from Spring Break! I hope you all got to relax and do something interesting! We had quite an adventure in Japan (if you’re interested, you can check out the trip blog at

I wanted to apologize and give you an update – I have quite a few assignments graded, but Gradespeed has not been allowing me to enter new assignments since before Spring Break. I have contacted our tech support, and the person who is supposed to be able to fix it should be returning tomorrow. As soon as it’s up, I’ll put those grades in.

As far as our assignment today goes, we are beginning a new text – The Glass Castle – and we’re starting by considering some pieces of nonfiction that deal with contemporary American poverty. Today we looked at a documentary – A Place at the Table – which discusses food insecurity, and students worked on a viewing guide (A Place at the Table – Guided Notes).

No homework for tonight, but please make sure to bring your copy of The Hot Zone tomorrow if you checked one out.

Friday, March 10

Woohoo! Happy Spring Break!

Today we just finished (finally) the rest of the podcast that we started last week. The only thing that you have to do over the break is to finish the last Hot Zone reading guide (and hopefully you’re already done, so you won’t have homework)!

Remember that I will be returning from Japan on Monday, so you’ll have Mrs. Wu again. If you want to read about what we’re doing in Japan, check out the blog that students will be writing – – !

Out sick on Monday :(

Hi students:

I have come down with some strange and sudden illness (Ebola?) and won’t be in tomorrow. I’m so sorry, but we will have to postpone your exam until Tuesday. You can use the class time tomorrow to either continue studying (if you only skimmed the article, this would be a good time to go back and annotate it) or to get a leg up on your next Hot Zone reading guide, which I am attaching here (the-hot-zone-reading-guide-7).

If your substitute seems to not know what to do, would you please direct your classmates to this website?

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

Thursday, March 2

Today we will be reading an article about the response to the Ebola crisis two years ago and answering some multiple choice questions (the-most-terrifying-thing-about-ebola-slate-article). As I told you yesterday, we will have a multiple choice critical reading exam on Monday over a lengthy article about the people who put their lives on the line in the Ebola crisis (time-2014-person-of-the-year-the-ebola-fighters). I will give you a paper copy of the article on Friday – you will take it home and annotate it (you won’t have a reading guide over the weekend), and you may use it on the exam on Monday.

Tomorrow (Friday), we’re going to be listening to a podcast, so if you would rather listen independently instead of having me play it for the whole class, please remember to bring a listening device.