Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tuesday, February 21

We had lots going on today! I told you that I will be out tomorrow taking my French family to the rodeo in San Antonio, and I gave you the materials that you will need for tomorrow.

Today we read an article of literary criticism about Dracula (a-disease-with-a-bite-reading) and you began writing a precis using the Google Classroom.

Tomorrow you will turn in your Reading Guide 2 and will finish writing your precis. You will also start reading another article (wild-flavor-abridged) and complete a reading guide (wild-flavor-reading-guide).

And I went ahead and gave you the third reading guide, which is due on Friday (the-hot-zone-reading-guide-3).

Thursday, February 16

Lots of stuff going on today:

  1. We checked out copies of The Hot Zone. (And if you still have not brought back your copy of Dracula, please get that to me ASAP.)
  2. I gave you your first reading guide (the-hot-zone-reading-guide-1) and told you that it is due Monday.
  3. We went over using the pronouns “who” and “whom,” which will be on your quiz on Monday. Check the grammar section of the website for the handout.
  4. We introduced rhetorical analysis as one of the main skills for this next unit and students began to practice it using this handout (in-the-shadow-of-ebola-rhetorical-analysis-viewing-guide) and this video.

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! It seemed like it was quite a celebration today!

We went over a few general announcements:

  • You should be finished with Dracula tomorrow, as we will have a reading check over the final chapters.
  • If you checked out a copy of the book from the school, please bring it to turn in tomorrow.
  • We’ll have an extra credit move (Contagion) on Friday.

Today in class, we read an excerpt from a book of literary criticism about vampires and other monsters. If you were absent, please pick up a paper copy from me.