Daily Archives: February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! It seemed like it was quite a celebration today!

We went over a few general announcements:

  • You should be finished with Dracula tomorrow, as we will have a reading check over the final chapters.
  • If you checked out a copy of the book from the school, please bring it to turn in tomorrow.
  • We’ll have an extra credit move (Contagion) on Friday.

Today in class, we read an excerpt from a book of literary criticism about vampires and other monsters. If you were absent, please pick up a paper copy from me.

Monday, February 13

After a thrilling Mock STAAR session this morning, 6th and 6th periods worked on their Dracula fan fiction (which is due tomorrow).

And I have to say – I have started reading some of them, and I am SO IMPRESSED! No exaggeration – your stories are the most interesting of any class of 9th graders I have had at Bellaire. If you haven’t had a chance to turn yours in via Google Classroom, please make sure to do that before the start of class tomorrow.

And remember – reading check over the rest of the novel on Wednesday!