Monthly Archives: April 2017

Friday, April 28

Today we practiced writing some sentences with different kinds of dependent clauses. If you didn’t finish (or you weren’t here), please complete this assignment over the weekend as a way of preparing for your quiz on Monday.

On a sheet of notebook paper, write:

  • 5 sentences with a noun dependent clause – underline the dependent clause, and after it, put in parentheses a noun that could replace the dependent clause and still allow the sentence to make sense.
  • 5 sentences with an adjective dependent clause – underline the dependent clause and draw an arrow to the noun or pronoun it modifies.
  • 5 sentences with an adverb dependent clause – underline the dependent clause and draw an arrow to the word or phrase it modifies.

Your sentences must all be about the same theme (ice cream, dinosaurs, etc.).

Thursday, April 27

We had a reading, discussion, and viewing of the parts of Romeo and Juliet in which Paris asks Lord Capulet for permission to marry Juliet, and Lady Capulet conveys that information to her daughter (Romeo and Juliet Annotation and Questions – Act 1 Scenes ii and iii). After that, we reviewed (in some more depth) the different kinds of dependent clauses (ADJECTIVE CLAUSE explanation sheet   THE ADVERB CLAUSE-explanation ’10[1]    THE NOUN CLAUSE–explanation sheet[1]. Eng 1B), which will appear on your quiz on Monday, so study up! 🙂

Tuesday, April 18

After our final discussion of The Glass Castle, we began a project in which students will consult a variety of sources on Shakespeare’s life, world, and works. We’ll spend all of tomorrow finishing the research, and then students will have part of class on Thursday and Friday to create their products (William Shakespeare Background Activity – Artifact and William Shakespeare Background Activity – Notes). The notes should be complete by the end of class tomorrow, and the artifact is due on Tuesday.

Monday, April 17

Today in class, students wrote essays responding to the “New Face of Hunger” article. If you were absent, please come make it up during lunch either tomorrow or on Friday.

Tomorrow, please have your final Glass Castle reading guides (6) to discuss and turn in. Also, please try to remember to bring your book back, if you checked one out.

Thursday, April 13

Happy three-day-weekend! I know we’re all excited to have a little extra R&R.

Today we discussed the penultimate section of The Glass Castle; the final reading guide (Glass Castle Reading Guide 6) will be due on Tuesday.

As a reminder, you will be writing an essay for a major grade on Monday on the article we discussed earlier in the week. Please make sure that you have read the article BEFORE you come to class, and that you bring your copy (which you may annotate) with you.

Enjoy your Friday off, and I’ll see you after the weekend!