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Friday, May 13

Today we talked about the final exam essay, which students will be writing on Monday. Please remember that this is worth 50% of your final grade – it is important that you come to class on Monday with a plan for what you’re going to write.

Persuasive Essay Prompt Love Hate

Final Exam Essay Suggestions

And remember that Hero’s Journey film extra credit and your grammar project are due on Monday. Your grammar project must be complete and ready to turn in when you walk in the door on Monday.

Thursday, May 12

We began today with a trip back to the prehistoric! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Students had the rest of the period to work on their grammar projects, which are due on Monday.

Please remember:

  1. Your group essay is due tomorrow (printed and ready to go at the start of class).
  2. You can stay after school to watch Vertigo tomorrow for extra credit.
  3. If you are not satisfied with your score on your Romeo and Juliet exam, you may come tomorrow during lunch tutorials to try to raise your grade. That activity will involve analyzing a sonnet in a way that’s similar to what you will see on the final, so I think it would be a good idea to come even if your grade was not abysmal.

And just in case you are interested, here is the breakdown of averages on the exam (including a 10 point curve):

Period 1 Average: 91

Period 3 Average: 86

Period 4 Average: 88


Wednesday, May 11

We began class with some important reminders and new information about what’s going to be happening over the next several days:


Today (Wednesday):

  1. Crash Course Romeo and Juliet
  2. work on collaborative essays


  1. Go over clauses
  2. work on grammar project


  1. Turn in collaborative essays
  2. Pre-write for final exam essay
  3. time to work on grammar project
  4. Lunch Tutorials โ€“ raise your test grade
  5. after school extra credit film is Vertigo


  1. Turn in grammar project (must be complete and finished when you enter class)
  2. Turn in heroโ€™s journey film extra credit
  3. Write final exam essay

Laptop Collection:

1st Period: Tuesday

3rd Period: Wednesday

4th Period: Wednesday

Tuesday, May 10

Some people have been a little confused about due dates, so for clarity’s sake:

  • at-home film analysis extra credit is due on Monday, May 16
  • the grammar foldable project is due on Monday, May 16

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today we began collaborative essays about Romeo and Juliet:ย Romeo and Juliet Thematic Response. You will have part of tomorrow to continue working, and these are due (printed out and ready to turn in) on Friday.

Monday, May 9

We took a quiz over persuasion vocabulary today; if you missed it, please come make it up on Wednesday or Friday during lunch.Students also took the end-of-year Scholastic Reading Inventory (Lexile Assessment). If you were absent or did not get a chance to do it in class, you can complete it at home. Log on to the Hub, go to Digital Resources, and then English/Language Arts. Click the red icon with the white book that says “Scholastic Reading Inventory,” and then click the blue button that pops up. This is a district-mandated assessment, so it is very important that you complete it.