Thursday, May 12

We began today with a trip back to the prehistoric! 😉

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Students had the rest of the period to work on their grammar projects, which are due on Monday.

Please remember:

  1. Your group essay is due tomorrow (printed and ready to go at the start of class).
  2. You can stay after school to watch Vertigo tomorrow for extra credit.
  3. If you are not satisfied with your score on your Romeo and Juliet exam, you may come tomorrow during lunch tutorials to try to raise your grade. That activity will involve analyzing a sonnet in a way that’s similar to what you will see on the final, so I think it would be a good idea to come even if your grade was not abysmal.

And just in case you are interested, here is the breakdown of averages on the exam (including a 10 point curve):

Period 1 Average: 91

Period 3 Average: 86

Period 4 Average: 88