Tuesday, September 17

Good morning on this rainy Tuesday! Today in class, we will:

  1. Discuss and turn in Book 12.
  2. Join Google Classroom and submit your hero Wakelets.
    1. The code for Period 1 is konqpf
    2. The code for Period 2 is ntm1l10
    3. The code for Period 4 is 5a8b3b
    4. The code for Period 6 is qx1hb7k
    5. The code for Period 7 is zt8osg
  3. Watch this video about how the myths in the Odyssey might be based on real science.
  4. Practice reading some poems (from Circe’s perspective) out loud.
  5. Begin reading the graphic novel for Books 13, 14, 15, and 16. — You will need to turn this in to me by Friday.
  6. And we will have another extra credit movie — O Brother, Where Art Thou? — on Friday. It’s a retelling of the Odyssey, and the extra credit will be applied to your next grammar and vocab quiz.

Tomorrow you will be with Ms. Newton again, and you’ll be working in Google Classroom to answer some questions based on the Hero’s Journey about your hero.