Daily Archives: September 10, 2019

Tuesday, September 10

Today in class we will:

  1. Begin reading Book 10 (6 – Book 10) and answering the reading guide (Book 10 Reading Guide), which will be due on Thursday.
  2. Read this short story (Blindness Story — Annotated) and answer some questions.
  3. Make a final choice of your hero for your year-long project.

Tomorrow I will be out with my baby, and you will have a very experienced substitute, Ms. Newton (she used to teach Pre-AP English 1 at Bellaire and is now working on a graduate degree in writing). Tomorrow you will be creating a Wakelet for your hero (you can see an example here). Please make sure to bring your computer. When you get to class tomorrow, check this website for more specific instructions.

Also! We will have another after school movie on Friday — it will be over the second half of the Odyssey, and it will be for extra credit.