Wednesday, September 11

Today in class, you will be working with Ms. Newton to begin building a Wakelet for your hero. Your Wakelet will count as a double grade, and you will be using it to create another piece of your project that will be worth a triple grade.

  1. Go to Wakelet. Sign in with your school Google account, and create a new “collection.”
  2. Choose a background and header image for your collection that reflect who your hero was or what he/she accomplished.
  3. Begin finding resources online about your hero and putting them in your collection. Some places that I would recommend looking at include:
    1. The New York Times (the school has a subscription, so as long as you’re connected to HISD WiFi, you should be able to see all their articles for free).
    2. The Guardian (a British newspaper)
    3. The Washington Post
    4. Slate
    5. The Atlantic
    6. PBS
    7. Google News
    8. the Smithsonian
    9. the National Archives

You need to have lots of different sources — don’t just collect a bunch of articles from the same place.

You can also do a Google search to see what sources might be unique to your hero, but…

4. Look at this handout on evaluating sources (Evaluating_sources) to make sure that the items that you find are credible.

5. Read each of your sources, and in the text box of the tile of the item on your Wakelet, annotate by 1) summarizing the source and 2) explaining how you might use it (what questions does it make you think of? what are the most important points that you took away?).

This needs to be finished by next Tuesday.