Wednesday, September 4

Happy Wednesday! Today in class, we will:

  1. Go over your questions about Book 5 of the Odyssey that you should have finished last night.
  2. Listen to this song about Calypso and consider her perspective on the whole episode.
  3. Begin reading Books 6, 7, and 8 from the graphic novel (you will get 20 minutes of class time tomorrow as well).


Important Announcements/Reminders:

  1. Picture day is TOMORROW! We will go down at the very beginning of class to take your picture. Give your orders and money to the photographer.
  2. Friday after school movies are back on! I figured out the SmartBoard situation and triple-checked that this week’s film (the first half of the film version of the Odyssey) works. This will be worth five points of extra credit on your essay.
  3. Speaking of which, your summer reading essay is due on Monday (printed out).
  4. Please remember that you need to be thinking about which heroes you would be interested in doing your project over for this upcoming year. That form is linked in yesterday’s post!
  5. If you have not yet had your parent complete the parent form, please have them click here to do that. This will be for a grade (it’s an easy 100!).