Tuesday, November 28

Tomorrow is the big day! Please make sure that you have reviewed the field trip info from the class website.

Today in class, we looked at those pieces of artwork relating to the French Revolution, and then students completed the Count of Monte Cristo Vocabulary List #1 Vocabulary.com “quiz” (you are allowed to use your blue vocabulary book and an online dictionary, but not share answers with friends!). Most students had some time remaining to work on their CMC Reading Guide 1.

We talked about our schedule for the week. CMC Reading Guide 1 will be due on Thursday since we are on the field trip tomorrow. To be able to finish the book by the end of the semester, we have to do two reading guides this week, so CMC Reading Guide 2 (CMC Reading Guide 2) will be due on Friday, but I will give you at least half of the class period on Thursday to work on that.

On Monday, students will take an exam over parts of speech. Here is the study guide for that (Parts of Speech Review). You are not required to complete the study guide, but I think it would be a very good idea to use it to prepare. We’ll go over the study guide in class on Friday.