Monthly Archives: October 2017

Monday, October 30

Overall, good job on your vocabulary and grammar quiz today! I can tell that and Khan Academy are paying off for those of you who are using them.

Homework for tonight was the next story in JLC – here is that reading guide: The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 5. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Friday, October 27

Today in class, we will be discussing “The Moon Lady.”

You do not have reading homework for this weekend. Instead, your homework is to study for Monday’s quiz by 1) finishing your practice sessions on for JLC List 2 (it must be to 100%) and 2) completing the sections that I have assigned (*note that I am only assigning SOME) of the pronoun videos and practice from Khan Academy.

In case you are having trouble seeing what I have assigned, here’s a list:

Everything under Introduction to Pronouns
Video: What is a pronoun? (2 minutes)
Video: Personal pronouns (3 minutes)
Practice: The question word (7 questions)
Practice: Meet the personal pronoun (7 questions)

Everything under Possessive and Reflexive Pronouns
Video: Possessive pronouns (5 minutes)
Video: Reflexive pronouns (5 minutes)
Practice: Possessive pronoun and adjectives (7 questions)
Practice: Reflexive pronouns (7 questions)

Everything under Subject, Object, Person, and Number
Video: Subject and object pronouns (5 minutes)
Video: Grammatical person and pronouns (5 minutes)
Video: Pronoun number (5 minutes)
Practice: Choosing between subject and object pronouns (7 questions)
Practice: Pronoun person (7 questions)
Practice: Pronoun number (7 questions)

Total Video Time: 35 minutes
Total # of Questions: 49

Tuesday, October 24

Happy Tuesday!

Please remember to consider coming to our special performance with Odysseus on Friday!

Today in class we began our first chapter/short story from The Joy Luck Club! Homework for tonight is the next chapter (JLC RG 2 – Scar).

We also began talking about the second Joy Luck Club vocabulary list. Please try out using to help you study.

Monday, October 23

First, some important news –

We are having a very special guest speaker (Odysseus himself!) after school on Friday! Attendance and participation will be worth 10 extra credit points on next week’s grammar and vocabulary quiz. I think you will really enjoy this event!

Today we took your JLC List 1 Vocabulary quiz. Homework for tonight was to read the first chapter of The Joy Luck Club and complete the reading guide (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 1).

Friday, October 20

We started today by going over the Joy Luck Club Vocabulary List 1 – you’ll have a quiz over only those words (not review ones from the Odyssey lists) on Monday. Remember that you can use and your practice quiz inside of the blue vocabulary book to help you study!

Your sole homework for this weekend is Khan Academy. If you haven’t been keeping up with it as your nightly homework this week, I imagine that you’ll have quite a bit of catching up to do. Please make sure that you are really watching the videos – they do an excellent job of reviewing some important grammatical concepts.

Thursday, October 19

We began today with a discussion of the rhetoric used in “The Rape of Nanking.” The information in this text will help us to make sense of some of the plot developments in The Joy Luck Club.

We had about half an hour left in which students worked on Khan Academy. Your homework for tonight is to continue chipping away at the videos and exercises. Please make sure that you are not putting those off!

Wednesday, October 18

I know I emphasized this in class today, but just to be absolutely clear – your Khan Academy exercises are NOT due tomorrow.  (Although you should be chipping away at them. I would recommend trying to do 5 to 10 tonight.)

Happy Wednesday!

You had almost the entire day for knocking out some assignments. I asked you to make sure that you had finished the rhetorical analysis of The Rape of Nanking for tomorrow, and I also gave you some time to watch the videos and complete the exercises for nouns, verbs, and modifiers on Khan Academy.

Your Khan Academy work needs to be complete by Monday – you will receive a quiz grade for that. I have asked you to make sure that you are doing some of that everyday so that it doesn’t pile up on Sunday night (and the system allows me to see exactly what you have done at what time every day, so I’ll know if you put it off until the last minute!).

To reiterate: homework tonight is to finish your reading guide and complete some Khan Academy.