Daily Archives: October 27, 2017

Friday, October 27

Today in class, we will be discussing “The Moon Lady.”

You do not have reading homework for this weekend. Instead, your homework is to study for Monday’s quiz by 1) finishing your practice sessions on Vocabulary.com for JLC List 2 (it must be to 100%) and 2) completing the sections that I have assigned (*note that I am only assigning SOME) of the pronoun videos and practice from Khan Academy.

In case you are having trouble seeing what I have assigned, here’s a list:

Everything under Introduction to Pronouns
Video: What is a pronoun? (2 minutes)
Video: Personal pronouns (3 minutes)
Practice: The question word (7 questions)
Practice: Meet the personal pronoun (7 questions)

Everything under Possessive and Reflexive Pronouns
Video: Possessive pronouns (5 minutes)
Video: Reflexive pronouns (5 minutes)
Practice: Possessive pronoun and adjectives (7 questions)
Practice: Reflexive pronouns (7 questions)

Everything under Subject, Object, Person, and Number
Video: Subject and object pronouns (5 minutes)
Video: Grammatical person and pronouns (5 minutes)
Video: Pronoun number (5 minutes)
Practice: Choosing between subject and object pronouns (7 questions)
Practice: Pronoun person (7 questions)
Practice: Pronoun number (7 questions)

Total Video Time: 35 minutes
Total # of Questions: 49