Daily Archives: October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18

I know I emphasized this in class today, but just to be absolutely clear – your Khan Academy exercises are NOT due tomorrow.  (Although you should be chipping away at them. I would recommend trying to do 5 to 10 tonight.)

Happy Wednesday!

You had almost the entire day for knocking out some assignments. I asked you to make sure that you had finished the rhetorical analysis of The Rape of Nanking for tomorrow, and I also gave you some time to watch the videos and complete the exercises for nouns, verbs, and modifiers on Khan Academy.

Your Khan Academy work needs to be complete by Monday – you will receive a quiz grade for that. I have asked you to make sure that you are doing some of that everyday so that it doesn’t pile up on Sunday night (and the system allows me to see exactly what you have done at what time every day, so I’ll know if you put it off until the last minute!).

To reiterate: homework tonight is to finish your reading guide and complete some Khan Academy.