Thursday, February 9

Today we read an excerpt from one of Lord Byron’s poems about a very tragic vampire. If you were absent, please come pick up a paper copy to read and practice answering the multiple choice questions.

After the poem, students had time to read the novel, work on their essays (which will be turned in tomorrow), and begin playing with Google Classroom.

As a reminder, we have the Mock STAAR on Monday! Please make sure to meet at the MPR on Monday morning at the very start of Period 1. Bring a pencil.

Also, a former student of mine (now a 10th grader at Bellaire) is spending her summer volunteering in a rural part of China. She wants to start a visual arts program for children in that community and is trying to collect working and gently-used digital cameras. If you or your family have any digital cameras that you are no longer using, please place them in a Ziploc bag (with your name and email address, if you would like to get some updates on the project and pictures from China). This would be a great way to recycle unwanted electronics and bring some beauty to the world!