Wednesday, February 8

Lots of important announcements today!

  1. As a reminder, your hero essay is due on Friday. I would like a printed copy with your works cited page at the back and the rubric at the front.
  2. If you would like to raise your grade on the grammar exam, you may come on Friday during lunch tutorials – bring your grammar notes – to do an activity to either add 10 points or bring your grade up to a 70.
  3. You need to finish the rest of Dracula by next Wednesday; you’ll have a reading check over the last four chapters on that day.
  4. In honor of African-American History Month, our film for this week will be Selma, the story of the iconic voting rights march. If you attend and complete the viewing guide, I will add 10 points to your next reading quiz.
  5. We’re taking the Mock STAAR next week. You will miss periods 1 – 4 (your teachers have already been informed). Please meet at the MPR at the beginning of first period. The multiple choice section and the essay will each count as two major grades.