Tuesday, January 31

We had a lot of important announcements today! Here’s a summary:

  • We’re trying an experiment with regard to reading. You are responsible for reading chapters 19 through 23 by next Tuesday, but you will not have homework or reading guides. Instead, you’ll take a reading check on Tuesday.
  • We’re having an exam over all of the grammar that we have covered this year on this upcoming Monday. You should have plenty of resources from which to study, but we’ll do a review day on Friday.
  • We’re also going to be working on your hero essay over the next two weeks – that will be due on February 10.

After our discussion of Renfield, we looked at the requirements for your research-based essay on a hero (documented-essay-rubric-chapman-2016-17). We talked about what makes a strong introductory paragraph, and students used the remainder of the period to draft their introductions and theses.

Also, we’ll have our last film of the unit on Friday! It will be Dracula: Dead and Loving It. I’ve seen this film perhaps a dozen times and it still makes me laugh. Since we’re not having a vocabulary quiz next week, let me mull over how much extra credit to give for this…