Monday, October 17

We took our last JLC vocab quiz today – results looked very good! With the remaining time, students got started on their homework for tonight (jlc-rg-9-rice-husband).

I passed out papers with information about Wednesday’s PSAT – make sure you keep that (or a copy of it) so that you know what room to go to that morning. Please make sure that you arrive on time – if you’re late, you’ll have to go to the late start room (which means a late lunch!).

I will be helping out with organizing the testing on Wednesday, so you will have a substitute. Her name in Mrs. Wu, and she’s very nice. She might even teach you some Chinese!

Also, if you would like to purchase a copy of our next book, The Count of Monte Cristo, you can bring $6.50 to school some time between tomorrow and next Monday (October 24). Please note that we read a special abridged edition of this book, so if you purchase a copy independently, make sure that it’s the right one!