Monthly Archives: November 2016

Wednesday, November 30

We began today with a discussion of all of the juicy developments in The Count of Monte Cristo. You next reading guide (cmc-reading-guide-9) is due on Friday.

With the rest of today, we talked about revising your essays on revenge. Students exchanged papers to write peer reviews (essay-revision). Your completed revision is due as a Google Doc on Tuesday, December 6 (I’ll post instructions for how to submit it later, but you’ll be turning it in electronically).

Monday, November 28

Happy return from Thanksgiving break! We’re only three weeks away from the end of the semester!

Today students took their quiz over the last set of vocabulary words from The Count of Monte Cristo and gerunds. As I type this, 7th period is still testing, so I don’t have the chart yet, but thus far the scores have not been what I had hoped (and I think some of you were disappointed as well).

If you found this quiz to be difficult, it’s a good sign that you need to do more studying for the final, as you’ll be seeing the material that was on it again for that exam (which is worth the equivalent of a cycle grade, and will count for 25% of your semester grade).

So here is what you can do to raise your grade on this quiz if you were unhappy with what you earned:

  • Attend the extra credit film on Friday (the movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo) for 10 points.
  • Master (at 100%) the Count of Monte Cristo vocabulary lists at I will give you 5 extra points for each of the lists that you master. You must complete this by Friday, December 2, and you must come in to see me during lunch tutorials on Friday so that I can verify with you that you have completed them.

Homework for tonight and tomorrow is to complete Reading Guide 8 (cmc-reading-guide-8 – due Wednesday).

Tuesday, November 22


Enjoy your break with your friends and family!

Today in class, we went over your reading guide, discussed gerunds (materials under the grammar section of the website), and talked about the CMC Vocabulary List 3. We’ll have a quiz over gerunds and the vocabulary (as well as review of past vocab words and grammar) on Monday.

Also, please complete the 7th reading guide for Monday (cmc-reading-guide-7).

Monday, November 21

One more day to go!

Students took their vocabulary and grammar quiz today in class. Here are those results:


The average grade was an 87.

Homework (due tomorrow) is to finish the CMC Reading Guide 6.

Also – no lunch tutorials tomorrow (Tuesday). Sorry, guys – my father is bringing me some shelves for the classroom, and I’d like to eat lunch with him.