Daily Archives: October 5, 2016

Also! Study Abroad Scholarship with Rotary International

As I mentioned in class, the West U Rotary Club is sponsoring a scholarship program to send students to other countries for either the summer or an entire academic school year. A representative from their organization will be coming to the Bellaire HS library to talk with interested students and parents on Thursday, October 13, at 6:00 PM. Please send me an email if you would like to attend so that I can make sure that we have enough copies of materials.



Wednesday, October 5

We continued our small group discussions of The Joy Luck Club today. For the second half of the period, students continued to work with their groups to do a rhetorical analysis of The Rape of Nanking. Homework for tonight is to prepare the individual portion of the discussion guide for the third short story, “The Red Candle” (jlc-rg-3-the-red-candle).