Friday, October 14

Woohoo! Happy Early-Release Friday! 🙂

Today, we went over the vocabulary words from List 3 in preparation for your quiz on Monday. Homework is to complete the review chart for JLC (the-joy-luck-club-midway-review) – hopefully this will help with keeping names and such straight as we finish out the book.

Please remember that I will be doing a red vocabulary folder check on Monday while you’re taking the quiz! I am looking for the following things:

  1. that you have the red folder.
  2. that you have all of the lists I have given you, since the beginning of the year, with the first on top and the last on the bottom within the brads.
  3. that you have been taking notes on the lists as we discuss them in class.
  4. and that you are not storing any unnecessary papers in the folder.