Monthly Archives: February 2020

Thursday, February 27

Today we are talking about the article that you read yesterday and analyzed for the author’s use of language. We’re also answering some AP-style multiple choice questions about the other article that you read (if you’re not done with your annotations, you can turn those in to me on Monday). No homework for tonight!

Tuesday, February 25

Today in class, we talked about the podcast, and I gave you 1) a parts of speech one-page review (Parts of Speech One Sheeter), 2) a phrases one-page review (Phrases Review v2), and 3) a practice grammar exam (Phrases Practice Exam) that is identical in form and content to the test that you will take on Monday.

We’ll be going over the answers to the practice test tomorrow, so try to answer all of the questions so that you have an accurate read on what you know and what you need to study!

Thursday, February 13

Today students read a short poem and answered some multiple choice questions about it — if you were absent, please come make this up. We continued to read the play version of Dracula; although you don’t have homework, you should be working on your project at home.