Monthly Archives: January 2020

Thursday, January 30

Today our grammar lesson focused on gerunds (Gerunds and Egyptian Mythology and 2 – Gerund Phrases Notes and Practice); this material, along with some review from our previous grammar lessons, will make up your quiz on Monday. (There won’t be any vocabulary on the quiz.)

We also got about halfway through your reading together (Dracula Reading Guide – Chapter 10) — please finish up the rest on your own and have it ready for class tomorrow. (And please remember to write legibly!)

Friday, January 24, 2020

We had a busy day today!

  1. We compared and contrasted the characters of Lucy and Mina and considered them in the context of Victorian sensibilities.
  2. We did this lesson (Appositives and Norse Myths) on appositives and filled out these notes (2 – Appositive Phrases Notes and Practice). You will have a quiz over appositives and vocabulary on Monday.
  3. We looked at some images of the town of Whitby and began reading Chapter 6, which will be due on Monday (Dracula Reading Guide – Chapter 6).

Wednesday, January 22

There won’t be an after school extra credit movie this week, but you can watch one at home for the same amount of credit. Here is the viewing guide (Nosferatu Viewing Guide), and below is the movie:

In class, we are doing a short multiple choice exercise over a poem (“La Belle Dame Sans Merci”), so if you were absent, please come make it up Friday during lunch.

Homework for tonight is Chapter 4 of Dracula (Dracula Reading Guide – Chapter 4).

Thursday, January 16 and Friday, January 17

On these days in class, we took a break from our usual routines and spent some time looking at the 1931 version of Dracula — we analyzed how the director used lighting, special effects, framing, and costumes in storytelling, and we also considered how the actors used the different tools available to them to craft a convincing performance.

If you weren’t with us, no worries — this isn’t something that you have to have to move forward next week.

No homework. I hope that you all are able to get some rest over this long weekend and enjoy some time with your friends and family.

Tuesday, January 14

Today in class, we:

  1. took your Dracula List 1 vocabulary quiz.
  2. looked at a brief section from the 1931 Universal version of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi — we considered how the director chose to depart from the novel, and what effect those choices had on the narrative, as well as how film as medium differs from text in the options available for storytelling.
  3. talked about how Dracula as a character has been depicted in the almost 100 years of cinematic portrayal and compared that to the text.
  4. began RG 2 (Dracula Reading Guide – Chapter 2), which is due tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will also be going over List 2, so please make sure to bring your blue books!