Monthly Archives: February 2018

Tuesday, February 27

Happy Tuesday! Today students wrote their grammar sentence — if you were absent, please come make those up on Friday. We also went over Hot Zone Vocabulary List 2; students worked on the practice quiz in the back of their books.

The extra credit movie for the week is Contagion.

Homework (due on Thursday) is the Hot Zone Reading Guide 1 (The Hot Zone Reading Guide 1

Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23

On these days, we acted out some sections for the play version of Dracula. Thank you so much to both our actors and audience — I had a blast, and I hope that you did too.

Please remember to complete your last Dracula reading guides — 26 and 27. On Tuesday, we will be starting¬†The Hot Zone. And on Monday, of course, we will have a Dracula-themed critical reading multiple choice exam. As I said in class, it will involve STAAR- and AP-style questions over poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. This is an assessment of skills, not content, so I don’t recommend spending a lot of time trying to study.

Tuesday, February 20

Today in class, please do the following:

  1. Read the academic article “A Disease with a Bite: Vampirism and Infection Theories in Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (A Disease with a Bite Reading).
  2. Write a one-page summary and analysis of the rhetoric used in the article. What is the author’s thesis? What logical arguments and evidence does he use to support that thesis?
  3. Submit that to

Homework is Chapter 24 of Dracula!

Friday, February 16

A bit of an update — we have been asked to wait just a little bit to give you the practice STAAR exam. So instead, on Monday, you will have a quiz over Hot Zone Vocabulary List 1 (and only those words — no review words, grammar multiple choice, or sentences).

All of the Hot Zone vocabulary lists have been loaded into, so you can practice to help you study.

Please make sure that you read Dracula Chapter 22 and complete the reading guide for homework.