Monthly Archives: January 2018

Friday, January 26

Happy Friday! We began today with a piece of literary criticism and some multiple choice (The Zoophagous Maniac). Next, we listened to the “captain’s log” portion of Chapter 7. For homework, please finish reading that and complete the reading guide (and of course, turn it in through

Don’t forget to study for your quiz on Monday! There will be vocabulary, grammar review, subjects and predicates, and sentence composing with gerunds.

Wednesday, January 24

On Wednesday, we had a lesson over subjects and predicated — those notes are under the “Grammar” tab. We finally took a break from Jonathan Harker in Dracula and instead got to hear from his fiance, Mina, and her best friend, Lucy, in Chapter 5. Homework was to finish and submit the reading guide.

Tuesday, January 23

After our lesson on Dracula Vocabulary List 2 today, we watched a portion of the 1931 film version of Dracula; students analyzed the film for the acting of two characters.

Homework is to read and complete the reading guide for Chapter 4 and submit it through

Friday, January 19

On Friday, we spent about half of the class reviewing the Dracula 1 vocabulary list for our quiz on Monday. With the rest of the period, we listened to a small portion of Chapter 2 from the audiobook. Homework was to read Chapter 2 and complete the reading guide.

Thursday, January 18

Welcome back from our five-day weekend!

Lots of stuff today. We started with some important announcements:

  • Please bring your blue vocabulary book to class tomorrow, as we will be covering Dracula Vocabulary List 1. We will have a quiz over those words (as well as review over gerunds, participles, and appositives) on Monday.
  • There will be an extra credit movie this Friday afternoon! It will beĀ Dracula Untold. The film should end slightly after 5:00 PM. If you choose to attend, you must make sure that you are not talking or disrupting others who are trying to watch. I will ask noisy students to leave.

In class, we spent most of our time going over some important background info about the novel (Dracula Schema Guide).

Homework for tonight is to read Chapter 1 and complete the reading guide by going to the “Dracula” tab of the class website, scrolling all the way to the bottom, clicking “Chapter 1,” scrolling all the way to the bottom of that page, downloading the reading guide, and responding to the questions via Make sure that you are submitting your assignment to the correct section — if you turn your homework in to the wrong period, you will not get credit.