Important Field Trip Info

Some very important information about our upcoming field trip to Chinatown on Wednesday:

  1. If you are NOT going on the field trip, you should report to Ms. Newton’s room (140, by the elevator on the first floor) at the beginning of your English class period.
  2. For everyone else – go to your first period class at the usual time on Wednesday. Ask your teacher to let you leave at 8:15 AM. DO NOT BRING YOUR BACKPACK OR YOUR LAPTOP. Leave those at school or at home.
  3. Meet the buses at the South Rice side of the school.
  4. Here is the system of bus assignments:
    1. Ms. Chapman’s Period 3 – Bus #3
    2. Ms. Chapman’s Period 4 – Buses #1 and #3 (make sure you know which bus you are going on!)
    3. Ms. Chapman’s Period 6 – Bus # 5
    4. Ms. Chapman’s Period 7 – Bus #1
  5. If you have a special dietary need, we will have food for you at lunch – but you are responsible for telling your waiter what you cannot eat since we won’t have assigned seating.
  6. We will return to school around 2:30 PM. Report to your 7th period. If you do not attend, you will be marked as truant.
  7. Ask your teachers today and tomorrow what you will be missing. See if you can get any assignments you need ahead of time. Be very polite!