Monday, November 13

Four days to go! We can make it!

After your quiz, I gave you some time for tonight’s reading guide, since the chapter is a bit longer that usual (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 13).

Also, if you have not already done so, please bring your field trip stuff tomorrow!!!

I asked you to bring headphones tomorrow, but I was looking at our schedule, and I think it would be better to use our time in a different way (I’ll explain tomorrow). So if you were going to go to a lot of trouble for the headphones, don’t worry about it!

Finally, when we return from Thanksgiving, we will begin our next book – The Count of Monte Cristo! You can check a book out from the school, purchase your own copy (here’s a link), or purchase one from the school (which is yours to write in and keep) for $7. If you acquire your own book, it must be the Bantam Classics abridged edition!