Wednesday, September 20

We began today with a reminder that we’ll be watching an edited version of Troy tomorrow, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM, if you would like to join us.

Next, we watched a short film from TED-Ed on the background of the Odyssey:

Students set up accounts (see the earlier post for instructions) to submit their summer reading essays. If you need technical support, come see me during the second half of lunch tomorrow (I have a meeting during the first half).

We began discussing our first vocabulary list – we’ll have a quiz over those terms on Monday. (See the Vocabulary tab of this website for more information.)

Homework was to read Book 1 of the Odyssey (1 – Book 1) and complete this reading guide (Book 1 Reading Guide). This is due tomorrow. You do not need to write in complete sentences. Do not worry if you are not sure of your answers for some questions. Please note that your answers need to be entirely your own work.

And finally, to my Jewish students and parents, Happy New Year! We’ll miss you tomorrow – please let me know if you need help catching up.