Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

Thursday, October 15

I’m sorry I couldn’t be in class on Tuesday (I was sick) and Wednesday (I was helping finish the administration of the PSAT). On Tuesday, students were supposed to have read Part 1 of the Penelopiad and completed the reading guide: The Penelopiad – Penelope        The Penelopiad Part 1 Reading Guide

Today, we discussed the conclusion to the Odyssey and the first part of the Penelopiad. For homework, students needed to read the second part of the Penelopiad and complete that reading guide: The Penelopiad – The Maids       The Penelopiad Part 2 Reading Guide

We also talked about your test over the Odyssey on Monday. It will be all multiple choice critical reading, covering both passages that we read in class and passages from or about the Odyssey that you have not read before. The best way for you to study is to make sure that you are familiar with the PowerPoint notes that we went over in class – that’s the kind of analysis you will be expected to do.

Because we’re taking the Odyssey test on Monday, your Dracula 4 vocab quiz will be a daily grade pop quiz some time next week. You will be able to use your list, but you will have only 30 minutes (not the whole class period).