Daily Archives: October 2, 2015

Friday, October 2

We went over the words for Monday’s vocabulary quiz today in class. Homework was to complete the practice quiz and try doing some Vocabulary.com over the weekend.

We also started writing our first PIE paragraph over the Calypso episode of the Odyssey. Here’s the video of that song, and here is an electronic copy of that assignment: PIE Paragraph 1

Thursday, October 1

We started reading the Odyssey today! Here are the PowerPoints we used to discuss it, in case you were absent: Book 1 Discussion and The Odyssey Book 5

No homework tonight, but I did tell you about two opportunities to boost your grade: 1) the Goodreads reviews of I Am Malala and The Alchemist and the Practice PSAT. You must have those done and ready to turn in to me on Monday if you want extra credit – if you bring them on Tuesday, it will be too late.