Thursday, October 8

As a reminder, if you missed your vocabulary quiz on Monday, you need to make it up on Friday during lunch. And if you want to order books (Dracula, The Hot Zone, and The Joy Luck Club), tomorrow is the last day to do so!

Today in class we talked about Dracula list 3 vocabulary words. Please make sure that you do your practice quiz sometime between now and Monday (it’s for a grade).

We also read Book 11 of the Odyssey (the Underworld) and talked about it using this PowerPoint: The Odyssey Book 11

Homework for tonight is to read Book 12 from this PDF (1230-1236): The Odyssey Textbook – Part 1

Write a one-page summary of Book 12 and have it ready to turn in tomorrow. During tomorrow’s class, we will watch a portion of the film version of the Odyssey. You are welcome to bring a snack if you would like! 🙂