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September 11, 2014

Today in class, we began with a quick warm-up over alliteration, where you all made and presented tongue twisters! Alliteration Warm-Up

We also looked at a couple of quick clips from Guardians of the Galaxy related to figurative language:

(This next one begins at the 30-second mark.)

Our lesson for today was over tone in literature. Here are those materials:

Tone using The Joy of Reading and Writing and HG

Tone in the joy of reading and writing and HG (2)

Homework for tonight was to annotate the tone words handout with definitions of any words that you don’t know. Tone vocabulary list (2) This sheet will be an important resource for you as the year goes on, so please keep it in its plastic sleeve.

September 10, 2014

Our warm-up for today was to write a paragraph about yourself using a metaphor. Here is that sheet: Make Me a Metaphor

During class today, we talked about your self-selected summer reading project. I showed you how to use the HUB and gave you a sheet outlining the project requirements. Pre-AP English 1 Self-Selected Reading Assignment – Discussion Forums I know I emphasized this in class, but I think it bears repeating: I expect your answers for these online discussion forums to be:

  • Analytical – don’t just summarize the book, interpret it
  • Evidence-based – you must back up your claims with accurate, relevant information from the book (hopefully incorporating quotations, if you want a high grade)
  • Professional – your writing should be of the same quality as you would use on a formal essay that you would turn in to me in class

With our remaining time in class, we went over some vocabulary words.

Homework for tonight was to write some awful metaphors! Here is that assignment: Terrible High School Student Metaphors and Similes