August 27, 2014

We’re more than halfway through the first week – yaaaaay!

*An important note – today we distributed order forms for pictures. Students will take their yearbook pictures during their English class time on Wednesday of next week. Students can give their orders to the yearbook staff then.

We began today with a warm-up looking at a New York Times article on some real-life possibilities of genetic engineering that we see in The Hunger Games. Here is that document in case you missed it or want to review: Hunger Games – Genetic Engineering Reading and Questions

Then we continued talking about our vocabulary words for the week. (See yesterday’s post.)

With the rest of class, we looked over the syllabus, which is posted under the “Syllabus” portion of the website. Please bring back your acknowledgement page by Friday.

Homework for tonight was to read a short story about Theseus and the labyrinth, and complete a reading guide. Here are electronic copies of those materials: Theseus Myth Reading Guide Theseus Myth


See you tomorrow!

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