August 26, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Today in class, we did a warm-up looking at some words that are in other languages, but not in English. If you were absent, please do this activity at home and bring it to me ASAP. Untranslatable Words Warm-Up

We continued our PowerPoint discussion of how vocabulary works. Please see yesterday’s post for an electronic copy.

We also started talking about our vocabulary words for the week. We used a PowerPoint, and for each word, students responded to a question. If you missed part of that, here is the PowerPoint. Superman and Me Vocabulary Please make sure to turn those responses in to me after we have finished discussing all 20 words.

Homework for tonight is to complete a Google etymology assignment. Here is an electronic copy of that assignment in case you were absent or misplaced your paper. Google Etymology Homework This is due at the start of class tomorrow. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, you can do this in the school library.

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